Fall Line DH

  • Thin pattern grip (Nimble feel, quick change hand position)
  • Leading edge traction logo (Positive grip)
Weight 118g (pair)
Length 130mm
Color Options Red, Gold, Black, Metal

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  1. 3/9/12
    1 Star Rating

    Amazing rubber compound so much grip. Ideal thickness and lock-ons. I love these grips and run them on all of my bikes.

    by Mike Jones
  2. 5/8/11
    4 Star Rating 4 Star Rating 4 Star Rating 4 Star Rating

    These are fantastic grips, they are a comfortable width and provide a very good surface to grip with and without gloves. The Anodised Locking rings match perfectly with my Answer 780 Pro-T Bar. Overall a very good grip, one of the best that I have owned, performance and quality wise I would give them a 5/5 🙂

    by Matthew F

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